South Africa Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Israel

South Africa voted in favor of the motion to shut down the Israel Embassy in the country.
Israel Palestine protest march, Cape Town
Image Credit: Louis Reynolds

CAPE TOWN – A motion initiated by the opposition party and supported by the ruling party stated to shut down the Israel embassy in South Africa.

In the recent turn of events regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict the members of parliament in South Africa on Tuesday voted in a motion to suspend and eventually close the Israeli embassy in the country until Israel agrees to a ceasefire in Gaza.

However, it is important to note that the decision has not yet been finalized, and approval from the President and his cabinet regarding the embassy shutdown is being awaited. However, the advice of Parliament will be considered by President Cyril along with the decision and investigation of the court to check if Israel committed any war crimes in the conflict.

Increasing the complexity of the situation the Israeli ambassador in South Africa left the Country on Monday before the voting took place.

The voting was one-sided as 248 people voted for the motion and 91 voted against it. 

The opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters initiated the motion but surprisingly gained support from the ruling one with few modifications.

The modification included a desire to let Israel and Palestine engage in negotiations set by the United Nations to achieve a peaceful resolution.

South Africa has supported the Palestinian cause and has advocated for statehood in the territories occupied by Israel. The situation is connected to the struggles of the Black Majority during the apartheid, however, this comparison is rejected by Israel.

The motion and its support highlight South Africa’s solidarity with the Palestinians in response to horrific Israeli attacks that were initiated on October 7th. The attacks have claimed thousands of lives throughout Gaza.

The motion serves as a diplomatic gesture expressing the country’s concern over the conflict and its commitment to seeking a peaceful resolution through the international community.

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