Saudi Arabia Bans Flights from India, Indian Pilgrims Can Face Problems in Performing Umrah

Saudi Arabia Bans Flights from India

Saudi Arab has started lifting travel restrictions for the countries that are able to control the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia Bans Flights from India, Argentina, and Brazil because of rising Coronavirus cases in the countries.

Saudi authorities have issued a notice to airmen of Saudi Arabia stating, “We cannot risk the lives of our citizens and other pilgrims by allowing flights from India, Argentina, and Brazil.”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has allowed Pakistan and Bangladesh to travel to the kingdom without having any issues from 1st November 2020.

Saudi Arabia has also successfully resumed the Umrah service, starting in a three-phase plan. While, International pilgrims will be allowed to travel from 1st November 2020, except India.

Muslims from India, who are willing to perform Umrah this year, will face a lot of problems due to the flight ban on India by Saudi Arabia due to Coronavirus.

As pilgrims from all around the world will be performing Umrah from 1st November, Indian pilgrims will have to wait a bit longer to get Umrah done.

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