Over 1300 Hajj Pilgrims Died During Hajj 2024

Many pilgrims have lost their live during Hajj 2024.
hajj 2024 mount Arafah
Photo: Basheer Al-Saleh/AN

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia reported that the death toll of Hajj pilgrims has surpassed 1,300. The majority of those who died were performing the pilgrimage without official permits, enduring the extreme heat.

“Regrettably, the number of mortalities reached 1,301, with 83% being unauthorized to perform Hajj and having walked long distances under direct sunlight, without adequate shelter or comfort,” the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

Many of the deceased were unauthorized pilgrims, and the toll included people from over 10 countries. Governments around the world are working to confirm their citizens’ fates.

According to Arab diplomats last week, 658 Egyptians were among the deceased, with 630 of them being unregistered pilgrims.

Mecca’s scorching temperatures reached a staggering 51.8°C (125°F) according to their national weather service, raising concerns about pilgrim safety.

A Saudi official revealed a partial death toll of 577 for just two particularly demanding days of Hajj: June 15th, when pilgrims stood for extended prayers under the scorching sun on Mount Arafat, and June 16th, during the stoning ritual in Mina. These figures highlight the dangers posed by the extreme heat during these crucial pilgrimage activities.

Defending the government’s response, a Saudi official stated, “The state fulfilled its obligations. The issue lies with some pilgrims underestimating the heat’s dangers.” This comment sparked debate about responsibility for the tragedy.

Despite the tragic deaths, Saudi officials reported roughly 1.8 million total participants in this year’s Hajj, similar to past years. Around 1.6 million pilgrims traveled internationally for the pilgrimage.

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