A Muslim woman facing racial abused after Euro 2020 finals

A Muslim woman facing racial abused after Euro 2020 finals

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A black man was seen protecting a Muslim woman in a Hijab who was being racially abused on the night of the Euro 2020 Finals.

Viral footage showing severals supporters racially abusing a Muslim woman in Hijab after the Euro 2020 finals going viral on the social media, Facebook.

The nine-second video quickly attracted attention after being uploaded on Facebook. An account under the name of DOAM – Documenting Oppression Against Muslims-first posted the video containing racial-related violence. Later, another version called Halifax Palestine began reposting it as well.

This accounts explaining the video with the caption “A black man stepped up to defend a Muslim woman in #hijab who was being racially abused after England lost the Euro 2020 finals to Italy,” added three hashtags, #Racism, #Islamophobia, and #England.

The caption fits perfectly with what was shown in the video. A black man was seen fighting several guys to defend a hijabi woman previously abused by these people suspected as England supporters. Some of them were wearing England jerseys.

Hundreds of comments flooded the comment section under the video. Some praised the black man for protecting the Muslim woman, while others called the attackers inhumane.

It is still unclear who took the video or who was the black man who heroically stepped up to protect that Muslim woman from the attackers. And the Facebook account that posted the video has not explained the video or the incident.

Three of England’s black players were also targeted on racially abused by the trolls and angry England fans after they missed penalty kicks on the Euro final against Italy.

England fans were seen devastated after England dramatically lost on penalties against Italy in the Euro 2020 finals. Many of them got into chaos and created violent scenes at Wembley stadium around the Euro Finals.

UEFA will launch an investigation into the events involving the supporters both occurred inside and outside the stadium.

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