Monk In India Urges Hindus To Kill Muslims and Christians

monk in india
Photo: Scroll

At an event in Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Sunday, a monk asked the Hindus present, ‘At what point will you slay Muslims and Christians?’

At Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Sunday, several Hindutva organizations conducted events with lectures from multiple stages containing inflammatory language targeting Muslims and Christians. According to Scroll, those in attendance heard demands for killing these minorities.

The posting of a social media video featuring a monk encouraging Hindus to acquire arms to kill Muslims and Christians has been widely shared. Additionally, BJP leader Suraj Pal Amu has been seen in another video advocating violence against anyone who stands against Suresh Chavhanke, the Editor-in-Chief of Sudarshan TV.

At a gathering in honor of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, a figure from Bageshwar Dham, a person wearing saffron robes spoke out: “The British, Congress, Christians and Muslims have all said ‘Divide and Rule’. When will Hindus take action? Will it be after all of you have died? When will you take action against Muslims and Christians?

He further emphasized the importance of keeping weapons in one hand and scriptures in the other. He declared that anyone who dares to attack their community, their faith, and their women must be convicted of sedition and shot at the border or even killed on the street.

Reports have been circulating that Shastri has been propagating superstitious beliefs and intolerance via his highly-viewed YouTube videos.

At an event attended by Chavhanke’s supporters, the media coordinator of BJP‘s Haryana unit, Amu, and the leader of the caste-centric organization Karni Sena, made incendiary remarks.

An inquiry is already underway involving the editor-in-chief of Sudarshan TV due to a talk he gave at a Hindu Yuva Vahini event in Delhi on December 19, 2021. During his address, he asked an assembly of people to pledge to “die for” and “kill” to create a “Hindu rashtra” or a Hindu nation.

In the previous month, the Apex Court expressed disappointment in the Delhi Police for the lack of tangible advances in their inquiry about the hate speech incident that occurred at the 2021 Hindutva event.

This past Sunday, Amu encouraged aggressive action toward those against Chavhanke and the concept of a Hindu nation.

At the event, the BJP leader questioned the crowd: “Should anyone be permitted to touch Suresh Chavhanke? Will you forgive those who trouble him? Do you intend to allow people to prevent us from constructing a Hindu nation? Will there be no consequence for them?”

Law enforcement taking action in response to coverage of hate speech

Until Monday afternoon, the Delhi Police had not taken action against those who had spoken at the events. Nevertheless, they have now issued a notice against a website called Molitics, which publicized the events.

By Section 149 of the Criminal Procedure Code, an announcement was made about posting “malicious, offensive and agitating messages which could have a negative influence over the maintenance of law and order.” This section provides the police with the authority to prevent any cognizable offenses.

The police warned Molitics to cease the distribution of content deemed offensive, malicious, and inciteful. If it does not comply, the police stated that measures would be taken.

Anudeep Jaglan, the founder and director of Molitics, took to Twitter and said, “I’m still perplexed! Why were we sent this? I hope the same notice has been delivered to these perpetrators wearing saffron.”

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