Masjid An Nabawi Installed Huge Convertible Umbrellas To Protect 228,000 Worshippers From The Sun

Masjid An Nabawi Installed Huge Convartible Umbrellas To Protect 228000 Worshippers From The Sun

The total area covered by the umbrella reaches 143,000 square meters and can protect around 228,000 congregations from the sun’s scorching heat.

Masjid An Nabawi recently installed as many as 250 huge convertible umbrellas in its courtyard to provide shade for more worshipers during the day. These sophisticated umbrellas are specially designed with accurate architectural techniques. These umbrellas can automatically open during the day and close at night.

It is known that the height of the umbrellas is different, where the first umbrella has a height of 14.40 meters while the other is 15.30 meters. The height of the umbrella, when folded, can also be different, as the umbrella will reach a height of 21.70 meters when folded.

The installation of 250 umbrellas in the courtyard of the Masjid An Nbawi in Medina is divided into two stages. In the first phase, 182 umbrellas will be installed, and the remaining 68 will be installed in the second phase.

These convertible umbrellas will later cover ​​up to 143,000, which can shelter as many as 228,000 worshipers under it.

This advanced umbrella-mounted technology includes 436 spray fans installed at the sides of the umbrellas. Each fan will be equipped with 16 openings that can spray water. It is estimated that these fans will spray 200 liters of water per hour.

The Umbrellas contain 436 Fans that can spray 200 liters of water per hour.

The water that will be sprayed is not arbitrary. Two stations will purify the spray water before channeling it to the fans in each umbrella. The fan is in charge of humidifying the external air so that pilgrims can enjoy the atmosphere of the Prophet’s Mosque comfortably. All these procedures will be carried out in the main room, which can maintain and monitor the condition of the umbrellas.

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