Malaysia Ranked as The Most Powerful Muslim Passport In The World

Malaysia Most Powerful Muslim Passport

In accordance with a new list by The Henley Passport Index, Malaysia is standing with the 13th most powerful passport around the world forming it the powerful Muslim passport, as reported by 5 Pillars.

Every year, the company ranks all the passports of the world according to the amount of destinations their owners can have irrespective of a prior visa. Malaysia is also a top tourist destination for Muslims.

Japan topped the list by visa-free access at 191 nations followed by South Korea and Singapore. The other top 10 positions are ruled by the western countries. Meanwhile, the Malaysian passport gives its residents the chance to travel visa-free for 178 countries. It gained such privilege as Malaysia is a developed nation which possesses strong bilateral associations with an amount of regional and international bodies.

The Brunei (23rd) and UAE (18th) were the only Muslim countries that were able to get ranked high in the powerful Muslim passport list. UAE made it over 47 remarkable places since the last decade and now possess a 171 score for visa-free or visa-on-arrival 171. Generally speaking, Middle Eastern countries developed strengthen gains in the list as the aspect of total efforts to enhance tourism and trade. Saudi Arabia and the UAE both skipped four areas, whereas Oman climbed three of them.

66th position is now held by Saudi Arabia with an access 77 locations of for its citizens without a visa, around the world. Oman obtained 64th place with 79 score of visa-free or visa-on-arrival state. The rest Muslim nations that ranked on Powerful Muslim Passport list including and lower 100th were Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya and Syria.

Henry Passport Index also stated that the updated results reveal that people are more mobile these days than before, however, it also directs us regarding the increasing division of travel freedom for the people having Japanese Passport as they are able to have 165 locations throughout the globe than, let’s say, Afghani citizens.

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