Last Cresent of Masjid al-Haram Installed at Bab al-Fateh’s Minaret

The last minarets of the Grand Mosque have been crowned with Crescent as a part of the ongoing largest expansion in the history of the holy site.
Bab al Fateh

MAKKAH – After the successful installations of Crescents at the entrance of Grand Mosques in June, the last shining Crescent has been placed successfully at Al Fatah Gate’s minaret.

The ambitious project aimed at building man-made crescents on the minarets of the two Holy Mosques has completed its final stage as the General Authority for Care of Two Holy Mosques successfully installed the last crescent on Al Fatah Gate’s minaret.

The project also saw the placement of two crescents earlier in June at the main entrance of the Grand Mosque near King Abdul Aziz Gate.

The Crescents have gained attention for their luminous shine achieved through a covering of golden glass. The man-made Crescents are made out of a lightweight material made of strong carbon fiber. To maintain stability and durability, long iron structures are reinforced in the inner framework of the Crescents.

There are a total of 13 minarets at the Grand Mosque, with an impressive height of 130 meters. This majestic structure is crowned by a 9-meter-high crescent with a 2-meter-wide base.

The minarets and crescent are well-known symbols of the grand mosque that contribute highly to the beauty and grandness of these mosques.

This project was part of a big effort to preserve the beauty and sanctity of the two grand mosques, which hold great significance for Muslims worldwide.

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