Large Bags and Certain Food Items Banned In Masjid al-Haram

The rules introduced at the Grand Mosque aim to foster a peaceful worship environment for pilgrims visiting the holy place from all over the world.
Saudi Arabia: Grand Mosque enforces ban on large bags, certain food items
Image by GNN

New Rules for a Safe and Comfortable Umrah Experience at the Grand Mosque have been introduced.

To make the Umrah pilgrimage safer and more comfortable, the Grand Mosque of Mecca recently introduced new rules.

Grand Mosque Gates Department Supervisor Saif Al Salami took the news to share these changes and emphasized their importance to ensure a smooth and safe journey for all pilgrims.

One of the most important changes is the prohibition of certain objects from entering the mosque premises.

This includes water bags, bags, and food that are not approved. Al Salami explained in his interview that any items potentially disrupting the pilgrims’ experience would also be banned.

Large travel bags pose safety risks due to their size, he pointed out, especially in traffic jams.

The list of prohibited items is extensive, including food and drinks other than coffee and water.

The purpose of these restrictions is to improve the flow of pilgrims from the mosque, especially during peak hours.

The list also includes sharp objects, flammable liquids, large bags, baskets, and walkers.

The rules aim to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the Grand Mosque along with ensuring a calm relaxing journey for the pilgrims

Thus the authorities by removing unnecessary distractions, hope to create an environment that promotes peaceful worship during the journey

It is important for anyone planning to undertake the Umrah journey to understand these new rules and follow them.

Following these guidelines will not only ensure personal safety but also promote the general well-being of fellow immigrants.

The introduction of these new rules shows the great mosque’s efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of Umrah pilgrims.

With these measures, the authorities try to create an environment where pilgrims can concentrate on their spiritual path without problems.

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