Islam Is Not Compatible With Europe, Says Italian PM Meloni

Italian Prime Minister comments on Islam and expresses her views on the issue of compatibility between Islam and Europe, demanding that no Sharia law will ever be implemented in Italy.
Italian Prime Minister Meloni
Image From Daily Sabah

MILAN: Controversial Comments of Italian Prime Minister against Islam spark outrage.

On 16th December 2023 the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni attended a political festival Atreju in Rome organized by Brothers of Italy right-wing Parts. The comments and statements related to the compatibility issue between Islam and Europe by the Prime Minister of the event have sparked controversy.

The Prime Minister expressed her concerns regarding the Islamic culture centers in Italy funded by Saudi Arabia. She further clarified her belief of a difference in compatibility between Islamic culture and the rights and values of Europe and focused on the fact that she won’t ever allow Sharia law implementation in Italy.

Meloni spoke against sensitive topics like death for homosexuality and adultery which she believes are not correct. Notably, she clarified that her intention was not to generalize about Islam but to spotlight the process of Islamization in Europe, which she explained stands in stark contrast to the core values upheld by European civilization.

It is worth noting that the comments came at a time when the leaders of the UK and Italy are working together to address the concerns of overwhelming irregular Migration in Europe. Moreover, to fight against human trafficking Italian Prime Minister Meloni, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, and UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak agreed to strengthen their cooperation. The main focal point of the conversation was migration based on the MOU signed in London in April.

The outcome of this important meeting was a decision to jointly finance an Italian-British project for assisted Voluntary repatriations. The project will assist the migrants in Tunisia hence managing migration activities more effectively.

However, an opinion on the need for a more organized approach to handling irregular Migration was also required. The leaders emphasized increasing the collaboration among nations to counter human trafficking.

However, the statements issued by the Italian Prime minister against Islam and its values an alarming situation that indeed promotes Islamophobia.

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