Interpol Refused India’s Request To Issue Red Corner Notice Against Dr. Zakir Naik

Interpol Refused To Issue Red Corner Notice Against Dr. Zakir Naik

For the fourth time, the INTERPOL has declined to resolve the case which is a red corner notice against Dr. Zakir Naik who is an Islamic speaker. It was stated that Spreading religion and raising money through religious teachings can be considered as committing a criminal act.

Hindustan Times reported that the international criminal police organization (INTERPOL) responded to India’s request to arrest Dr. Naik due to money laundering. It was ordered that Dr. Naik earned money through his religious preaching and it is irreverent so it cannot amount to money laundering. 

Through speeches and lectures, Dr. Naik created hatred between various groups of religions in India by dismissing the allegations given by the NIA (National Investigation Agency). Collecting donations while delivering religious speeches was not a criminal act And there was no connection between any ensuing act of violence and the alleged incitement by Dr. Naik. 

From INTERPOL files, it is an international agency ordered deletion of data on Dr Naik. 

The legal counsel Of Dr. Naik Advocate S Hari Haran confirmed the order of agency which was passed between the time period of 25th and 29th January and was followed deliberation by the INTERPOL panel. 

Dr Naik has been known to be close towards the officials in the Malaysian administration Because he had been living there due to his parmanent residencey. 

The newspaper reported in Bangladesh that the attacker of the incident in Dhaka attack held in July 2016 shared the speeches of Dr. Naik on Facebook. After that, the speakers of Islam came under an intense media storm. 

But later it was clarified by the Dhaka-based newspaper Daily Star that the attack was not inspired by Dr. Naik. But still, the media houses and government have begun to start the campaign against the speakers of Islam and blamed Doctor for being an inspiration for terror attacks all over the world. 

A case was reported against Dr. Naik by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) Under anti-terror laws for rising hatred among various religions And the charges which were rejected by him and his supporters. 

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