‘In My Heart, I am a Palestinian, Diego Maradona Once Told Palestine

Diego Maradona

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Diego Maradona lost the battle of his life in San Andrés, Argentina, after suffering a deadly cardiac arrest at 60.

He fought several health crises in recent years; Maradona reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage, which further deteriorated his health.

fan of palesine maradona

His fans all around the world have been in a deep shock since the news of his death made rounds on media. For Palestinians, he was more than a footballer, as he always supported Palestine, he even visited Palestine many times.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas also wrote a statement of solidarity on his death and praise his voice for the people of Palestine.

When Israel started the war on Gaza in 2014, Maradona was the first person to stand up against Israel by labeling their action “Shameful”.

In 2018 Diego Maradona and Mahmoud Abbas met in Russia where he told him “In my heart, I’m Palestinian.”

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