Homosexuality is a heinous crime, says Imam of Kaaba

Sheikh Faisal Ghazzawi

The imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque, Sheikh Faisal Ghazzawi, warned Muslims against immoral tendencies in society, especially homosexuality, describing it as a heinous crime.

As part of his Friday sermon at Makkah’s Grand Mosque, he stressed the importance of upholding moral values and maintaining marital sanctity. Satan misleads the servants of God to transgress the limits set by God and commit acts repulsive to good natures.

Devilish forces conspired to obliterate innate nature and mislead people by legitimizing marriage between men and women (gay marriage) and lesbian marriage (lesbian marriage), intermarriage with animals, and incitement of sexual perversion and pornography as they call it civilization while taking a hostile stance against those who disprove this and labeling them backward and extremists,

He warned that evil forces plotted to destroy inherent goodness. These individuals, he cautioned, oppose purity and virtue, surrendering to immorality and vice. As a result, they experience a decline in morality, a collapse of values, and a descent into savage behaviors.

Sheikh Ghazzawi stated that God Almighty created His servants with the right instinct and made them prefer virtues and hate evil. Satan distracts People from the true religion, causing them to violate God’s laws and rulings and abandon what is required by sound minds and generous instincts. Male and female humans were created by God and differentiated between them. Each of them has its characteristics and attributes.

In the imam’s view, Satan instigates men and women to violate their innate natures through his intervention. A person comes who contradicts his nature and tries to change the natural gender of human beings so that a man becomes a woman, and a woman becomes a man,” he said while quoting the Prophet (peace be upon him). “The Prophet cursed effeminate men and immodest women.”

A copy of the Holy Qur’an was burned in the latest instance of Islamophobia and malicious campaigns being launched against Islam and Muslims, according to Sheikh Ghazzawi.

The slanderers who break the innate nature of God and change his creation have become spiritually bankrupt and are suffering from moral crises and social problems. In the name of freedom of opinion, they wage offensive campaigns and hostile acts against the Islamic world.”

These acts include burning the Holy Qur’an, humiliating and desecrating it, and mocking and defaming the Prophet (peace be upon him) and questioning his Sunnah. Thus, they exposed their hidden hatred for Muslims, fueling hatred and violence,” the imam said, adding that all these acts are desperate attempts to obstruct God’s path and distort the image of Islam.

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