Every Muslim Should Know These Facts About The Holy Quran

Holy Quran

Holy Quran is the Book of Allah, this is not just a book, but a complete guidance for all the humans. And a guidance towards the right path.

There are many facts which we neglect about Quran, but we compiled all these facts in one video and presenting it to all the Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world.

Watch these Interesting Facts and Information about The Holy Quran:


All of these facts are verified and authentic and if you still have doubts do not hesitate to ask us or google yourself the facts.

Quran, was revealed on the beloved Last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and shortly after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Uthman (RA) compiled the Quran before that companions of Muhmmad (PBUH) had it in pieces, the Quran we read today is basically the compilation done by Uthman (RA).

It is important for every Muslim to recite it daily, as these are the revelations from the Almighty Allah (SWT) and it is the reminder for all of us that how we have to spend our lives, how we have to behave with our children, spouse and the people around us.

It is basically a guidance, which Allah (SWT) gave to the Ummah through Muhammad Prophet (PBUH), Meanwhile, a hadith says “The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others”, The quoted hadith is taken from Al-Bukhari which states the importance of reciting, learning and teaching the Quran. It is very important that we understand the words of Allah SWT written in the Holy Quran, because he is the ONE AND ONLY who created us.

I urge all the brothers and sisters o spread this beautiful knowledge to all of your friends and family, it will be a great reward.

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