Coronavirus Vaccine Made Compulsory For Hajj Pilgrims, Hajj Ministry

Coronavirus Vaccine Made Compulsory For Hajj Pilgrims

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Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah ordered to make Coronavirus vaccine compulsory for Hajj pilgrims. People who do not get the coronavirus vaccine will not be allowed to perform Hajj.

Previously, Saudi Health Ministry had made the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for Umrah pilgrims as well.

Saudi Health Minister further added that everyone who wishes to perform Hajj during Hajj 2021 season should get themselves vaccinated, as it is for humankind’s betterment and will prevent other pilgrims from getting the virus.

A coronavirus vaccination committee has also been formed, which will ensure all the health measures in the holy site.

If pilgrim who is not vaccinated, will not be allowed to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Got Vaccinated

covid vaccine sheikh al sudais

Sheikh al Sudais himself got vaccinated to promote the coronavirus vaccine among muslims, he also urged Muslims to get vaccinated quickly.

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