China Removes Israel From Online Maps

The absence of Israel as a country from China’s famous apps and navigation services raises suspicions.
China Deletes Israel From Online Maps

BEIJING – After the rise in anti-Semitic content on Chinese social media following the Israel-Hamas conflict, famous Chinese apps like Alibaba Map can even locate small countries like Luxembourg but not Israel.

Reports indicate that China’s Alibaba and Baidu cannot locate Israel as a country however the smallest nations like Luxembourg are marked on the digital maps and navigation services.

It is worth noting that The New York Times published a report highlighting the rise of anti-Semitic content on Chinese social media platforms following the devastating conflict between Hamas and Israel.

China Deletes Israel From Online Maps 2

The absence of Israel as a country from the Alibaba Amap has raised widespread concerns and suspicions. However, no response from either company has been received regarding this matter.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has gathered global attention and sparked recent debates contributing to the increase in anti-Semitic content on social media platforms.

Moreover, last week the United States passed a resolution at the United Nations Security Council calling for humanitarian pauses and condemning Hamas calling it a terrorist group responsible for the October 7th attacks. 

In response to the resolution, China and Russia blocked the US-sponsored resolution by exercising their veto power.

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