China is Committing Genocide of Uighur Muslims, Dutch Parliament Says

China Committing Genocide Uighur Muslims Dutch Parliament

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AMSTERDAM: The Dutch Parliment on thursday has declatred that the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China is a genocide, first european country to condemn chinese unlawful acts against the minorities.

UN human rights experts have said that nearly one million Muslims have been detained in the camps near western Xingjiang.

Although China has denied any human rights violations in the country and stops media from visiting these areas.

China is committing Genocide of Uighurs.

Dutch Parliament Motion

Canada also passed a resolution, labeling the Chinese acts as “Genocide.”

The Dutch parliament said that the Chinese government’s acts such as prevention of births for Muslim women, mass rapes, and punishments in the camps fall under United Nations Resolution 260, which declares such acts as genocide.

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Dutch lawmaker Sjoerd Sjoerdsma also said that 2022 Winter Olympics should be snatched from China for doing an active mass genocide against the minorities.

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