3 Year-Old Julia Lost Her Parents After Israeli Airstrikes

The Israeli airstrike took the lives of the whole family, while the tiny three-year-old Julia survived, suffering a few injuries.
Julia Gaza

GAZA – In the face of Israel’s war on Gaza, thousands of children are becoming orphans, and Julia, a three-year-old Palestinian, is one of them. The little frightened girl can be heard screaming as she witnesses the Israeli forces bombing her parents.

As the Israeli-Hamas conflict keeps on intensifying, the heart-wrenching story of a three-year-old girl named Julia from Gaza paints a picture of the haunting reality and struggles faced by the Gazans. The fearful face of Julia shed light on the immense humanitarian crisis in Gaza, urging the international community to stand with the Palestinian people.

Julia Gaza Parents Lost 2
Julia with her parents – Image Credit: Instagram/X

Julia’s teary-faced video of the little girl crying and screaming, “My mom got bombed. The Israeli bombed me” tells a story of unimaginable loss. The little girl, after facing a few injuries, luckily survived the attack that claimed her parents and grandparents.


Julia, who is now an orphan, is being taken care of by a local Palestinian journalist and a family friend, Ismail Jood, without realizing that she won’t be seeing her parents again.

Julia Gaza Parents Lost 1
Julia after she was brought to the hospital, surviving the Israeli airstrike – Image Credit: Instagram/X

However, it is important to note that Julia is not the only child to suffer this tragedy. Thousands of mothers have lost their beloved children, and thousands of children have lost their families, homes, and futures in the wake of Israeli attacks.

Julia Gaza Parents Lost 4
Bodies of Julia’s parents who unfortunately didn’t make it. – Image Credit: Instagram/X

Despite the widespread condemnation, Israeli airstrikes continue to target civilian areas in Gaza, including mosques, churches, schools, and hospitals.

Julia Gaza Parents Lost 3
Image Credit: Instagram/X

Julia’s innocent and heartbreaking story resonated with the Palestinian community and strengthened the call for justice and the immediate need for a ceasefire. In the face of the devastating Israeli war, Palestinians are supporting each other in hard times.

Julia Gaza Parents Lost 5
Man consoles Julia. – Image Credit: Instagram/X

It is worth noting that 27,000 injuries have been reported in Gaza since October 7, 2023. Moreover, the challenges faced by Gaza’s children, who are enduring life under repeated wars, are even more alarming, as per the Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights.

Julia’s story is indeed a testament to the strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit of the Palestinian people. As the Palestinians suffer, let us unite in solidarity, using Julia’s story to shine a light on the urgent need for a ceasefire in the Israeli war on Palestine.

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