3-year-old girl found ALIVE after 91 Hours after Turkey Earthquake in Izmir

3 year old girl found ALIVE after 91 Hours after Turkey Earthquake in Izmir

Earthquake in Izmir: Western Turkey was hit by a tremendous earthquake and more than 100 people have died. A three-year-old girl was found under a collapsed building after 91 hours of the earthquake.

The Izmir mayor, Tunc Soyer said that we have suffered through great pain but we have this joy along as well and we have also observed a miracle during the 91st hour.

What was name of 3-year-old girl who survived 91 hours after earthquake in Turkey?

Fahrettin Koca shared a video through Health media on Twitter, who identified the little girl as Ayda Gezgin.

That video was of her inside the ambulance among the sounds of applause and chanting from rescue workers and onlookers saying that ‘’God is great!’’.

Before locating the girl next to a dishwasher, He heard a child shouting he said Ayda waved towards him and she told him her name and also told that she was fine, as described by the rescuer Nusret Aksoy to the reporters.

She was rescued a day after a three-year-old girl and a young teenage girl in Izmir was also taken out alive from the collapsed buildings.

Last week, more than 100 people were killed and almost a thousand people were injured due to the 0.7 magnitude earthquake which struck in the Aegean sea. The disaster authority of the country known by its Turkish acronym AFAD said.

In Izmir province, the rescue workers were further searching in more buildings for an unknown number of lost individuals.

For the temporary shelters in Turkey, more than 3,500 tents and almost 13,000 beds are in use. The agency further told that relief efforts have drawn in nearly 8,000 personnel and more than 20 rescue dogs.

There were more than 1,464 aftershocks reported and following the earthquake including 44 which were more than four in magnitude.

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