Muslims Can Pray in Churches and Synagogues, Saudi Mufti Gives Fatwa

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Churches and synagogues are the new places where Muslims can pray, a top Saudi Mufti said in a Fatwa he recently gave on this topic.

Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Manea who gave this fatwa is a member of Council of Senior Scholars. He further added that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. And praying within churches Synagogues are fine.

Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Manea said that Muslims should feel relaxed whenever they want to pray for all the lands and places belong to Allah.

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During this event, he cited the event during Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s time when Christians of Najran used to visit his mosque, he would allow them praying by facing towards Jerusalem. He also stated the hadith in which Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has said that this land is the place of worship for him.

10 years back,  Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Manea has given the similar fatwa which stated that Muslims can visit the churches. And today, in 2017, he added that they even can pray in churches. He stated Muslims are free to visit church and synagogues, similarly, Christians are more welcomed in our Mosques (Except Holy Mosque – Masjid Al Haram). Because no religion allows hatred against the other religion.

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To be noted, even before his fatwa, Muslims, Christians, and Jews are sharing their worship places with each other to pray. But, the reason for giving this fatwa was to clarify the doubts that it is completely fine to share worship places because it enlights the harmony of peace among these religions.

We live in a world where every person is trying to hit on other people by attaching its views, outfits, race, and religion. It is indeed much needed to clarify all the misunderstanding between the people and start living in a more humane way to live together in this world.

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