138 Muslims Get Compensation For Leaving Namaz For Work in US

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The American meat-processing company will pay a large compensation to 138 Muslims who were fired from the plant in Colorado because of their desire to perform prayer in the workplace.

Companies Cargill Meat Solutions will have to pay compensation $ 1.5 million to former workers, Muslims of Somali origin, for unlawful dismissal and discrimination on religious grounds, IslamNews reports citing the New York Times.

The meat producer decided to settle the dispute with the dismissed workers peacefully in order to avoid litigation and even greater compensation.

In December 2015, dozens of workers at the plant in Colorado left the shop after the leadership had forbidden them to perform prayer during breaks. Later, they were fired for “absenteeism”, and the Muslims filed complaints with the relevant authorities, and then human rights defenders joined their situation, the efforts of which resulted in the payment of compensation.

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It should be noted that the Commission for Equal Opportunity annually makes positive decisions only on a small share of claims from workers in the United States.

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