Muslim Imam Woman Lead Friday Prayers, Which Started A New Fire

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Muslim Imam Woman leads Friday prayers in the state of Karela located in India past friday, which enraged a new debate of leading the prayers all around the world. 

In the initial, a Muslim Imam Woman led the Friday salah in the Indian portion of Kerala on last Friday. Jamida Teacher, state secretary of Quran and Sunnat society, had been the Imam for Friday salah which was held at society head office at Cherukode in Malappuram region.

The salah was led for a mixed collection of about 50 men and women at the central committee headquarters of the Quran Sunnah Society which Jamida maintenances.

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Nevertheless, Religious people have threatened to eradicate Jamida. Conferring to them, she “dishonored the Islam”. Jamida had also led the khutba (dialogue during salah).

“There is no discernment between men and women in any of the spiritual acts of Islam. Discrimination was initiated by Muslim male religious scholars,” Jamida stated. Habitually, men lead Friday salah all around the world including in India. “From side to side this choice patriarchy is being probed,” said Jamida.

“You, I and We follow the Kuran. It talks humanity as men and women and does not distinguish between them. All men and women have an equivalent part in Islam,” declared the Muslim Imam Woman.

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This Quran Sunnath Society was a program recognized by Chekannur Moulavi, a fundamental Islamic scholar, who was supposed to be killed after he strangely vanished in 1993. Talking about leading Friday Salah, jamaida believed it was a male-dominated religious repetition which needs to be questioned and jamaida believed that she will remain to lead Salah together with other women.

furthermore, she has been getting a bombardment of hate on social media.

What do you think about a Muslim Imam Woman alongside men and women ? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credits: The Hindu/Business Standard

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