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Muslim Girl Beat Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s Mensa IQ Scores

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An Iranian 11-year-old Muslim girl, who is a high school student, succeeded and caught the attention of every News platform on achieving the highest scores in the Mensa IQ test. She made it surpass the greatest thinkers of the time Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Tara Sharifi is a student at Aylesbury High School. She took the test at Oxford and scored 162, crossing the genius benchmark of 140. She gained more than famous cosmologist; Stephen Hawking and the theoretical physicist; Albert Einstein. The test mainly focuses on the ability of students in understanding the words given in a set of times, as stated by the Iran FrontPage.

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After such huge success, Sharifi got eligible for the Mensa membership, which is also called as the High IQ Society.

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It was a combined decision among me and my parents to attempt the test. It will be a great chance to meet the people at Mensa System. I have shared it with my friends at School and they got very impressed

Tara Sharifi

Tara Sharifi also stated her career plans which are aimed towards the field of Mathematics. Tara’s father also shared his thoughts on her achievement that he too was shocked but at the same time proud too on her daughter’s remarkable performance.

I am very proud however, shocked too at the same time that how excellent Tara have scored.

Hossein, presented by Bucks Herald-UK

Further, he said,

“I felt she would do well when we were watching TV along with, she would understand the questions of Mathematics quickly before the other contestants.”


“She was very clever but I wasn’t aware that she would have much a higher IQ level”

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