This Beautiful Timurid Quran Created From Chinese Paper Is Worth Having a Look At

Timurid Quran 4

Timurid Quran: For the Muslims, the most amazing feeling in the world is to get a new copy of the Holy Quran. It has been playing the role of the best guidance concerning the continuation of lives as per Islam, for centuries.

This perfect Holy book, which maintains beautiful revelations, is very close to the heart of Muslims, irrespective of the area they are at the moment. As time was being passed, we went across many beautiful copies of our Holy Book.

Timurid Quran 2

It ranges from the verses being written by Gold on a massive copy to compact versions and now, we even have the digital ones. The Holy Quran has remained and will always stay essential to the Muslims.

Timurid Quran 1

Every person who observes the sight of an amazing copy of the Holy Quran gets their eyes watery, and so did we. This copy of the Holy Quran, which is written on the Chinese paper, is very captivating. Its sight might get you tears.

The Timurid Quran, which was copied during the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century, involves gold-printed color paper and is very alluring. It is now available for being purchased as well if you are willing to purchase it. It is planned to get auctioned on the 25th of June in London for $800k up to $1.2 million, approximately.

Timurid Quran 5
Timurid Quran 8

Though colored paper is being used within Islam for a lot of centuries, Chinese paper comprises a different beauty because of its luscious finish, exotic designs, and vibrant colors. They have maintained the silky texture by permeating the paper technique with lead white.

Timurid Quran 6
Timurid Quran 9

The colored paper has been used in the Islamic world for many centuries. The format and the orientation of the paper isn’t bound to follow the direction of the text, the same was planned by the amazing calligrapher

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