The link between Locusts and Resurrection Day from Quran

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An unusual event was observed recently in Masjid al-Haram as well as different parts in Asia, in which groups of desert locusts appeared over a few areas in the city.

For around an hour, there was noted a very large indeterminate amount of locusts flying above the houses. The first idea which appeared in the mind of people was that it might be a kind of “Punishment” sent from Allah (SWT) or a sign of “Qayamat”. As observed in the history of the world, this was something new to its people.

Also, some people who were familiar with Locust insects, believe that the nations before them had dealt with “Punished with Locusts”.

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In a verse from the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) has explained regarding Locusts;

Quran Locusts

Further, their direction was explained;

Quran Locusts (1)

The purpose of receiving such example of Locusts to explain the time of resurrection from Allah (SWT), was due to the fact that after the birth from the ground these insects, they begin to gather in massive amounts. Every single insect possesses a quality of spreading by 1200 sq. kilometers. Onwards, they select one mutual direction to fly along.

Their enormous gathering is capable of covering the whole sky. This serves as a sight from the Resurrection Day, as on this Day a massive amount of people who died will emerge from the ground and will run like a herd in a particular direction.

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Consequently, one could conclude that this was a moment from the “Signs of Qayamat”. For the believers, this might be a chance from Allah (SWT) to revise their acts before “Qayamat” appears. Though, it was a very majestic sight to observe a lot of them in a group.

Such sights result in exclaiming “Allah-o-Akbar”. The Locusts are living with us for a long time on the same planet and yet, we got the chance to see this moment now, for the first time.

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