Italy and Malaysia Reopen Mosques After Long Coronavirus Lockdown

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After long Coronavirus lockdown, Italy and Malaysia reopen Mosques after ensuring that every member is sanitized properly.

Previously, a number of mosques in Malaysia are given the go-ahead to welcome the worshippers after 2 months of lockdown. The Government of Malaysia is easing the lockdown, and they’re starting it by opening the mosques for the worshippers.

Currently, the Malaysian government has called Mosques a Green Zone where no COVID-19 case has arrived.

Meanwhile in Italy, The Italian government has allowed Muslim councils and Islamic centers to reopen the mosques.

The pact was sighed at Palazzo Chigi, which allowed opening the mosques in Italy from 24th May. The mosques in Italy were closed since 9th March.

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But both countries, Malaysia and Italy, has ensured that the mosques will remain closed during Eid ul Fitr prayers. As well as, after Eid, people should maintain the distancing within the mosque as well.

Muslims all around the world are in pain as Coronavirus locks them inside during Eid Ul Fitr prayers, meanwhile, a number of Muslims arranging Eid prayers at their homes.

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