6 Islamic Ways To Keep Your House Healthy And Happy

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Islamic Ways are the best thing to make you living relaxing.

There are many Islamic ways to make your house healthy, safe and happy. These 6 ways are the best of the best ways ever taught!

1. Make home a place for the family to Worship ALLAH

  • Make your homes become lively during prayer times.
  • Engage in frequent Quran recitation and remembrance of Allah.

2. Keep Satan out of the house

  • Say the salutation of “Assalamu alikum” upon entering the house.
  • Say “Bismillahi Tawakaltu Al lal lah lahaola wala quwatah illah billah”
  • Recite Surah Baqrah in the house.

3. Let Respect, Trust and Kindness rule a family’s affairs

  • Avoid disputes and argumentation.
  • Uphold the trust of family members and their matters.
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4. Foster a culture of Islamic knowledge and learning

  • Engage in Islamic learning sessions.
  • Discuss and be aware of matters of Halal and Haram.
  • Instill the love of Islamic Books and Literature.

5. Make family decision through mutual consultation

  • Involve the family in the critical decisions and problem-solving.
  • Avoid blame by staying focused on devising solutions.

6. Fulfill responsibilities toward other family members

  • Learn the rights of each of the family members.
  • Fulfill the rights of others and do not take them for granted.

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  • 3.7K
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