Indian Rakhi Sawant Slammed for Creating a Scene at Kaaba

She made her Umrah journey all about showbiz and content creation to be in the news, social media.
Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, popularly known as Drama Queen, is embroiled in controversies these days regarding her personal life. The ongoing ups and downs in her and Adil’s relationship are now in front of the fans.

The popularity Rakhi got at the beginning of this marriage, she is getting the same limelight from the end of their relationship. The whole world is now watching Rakhi and Adil’s fight. These two are blaming each other by holding press conferences every day.

Rakhi Sawant’s personal life has frequently been a hot topic of discussion, and ever since her husband, Adil Khan Durrani, was released from jail, her troubles have seemingly multiplied.

In a quest for peace and spiritual renewal, Rakhi recently embarked on a pilgrimage to Mecca-Madina to perform Umrah. Her emotional journey took a turn when she shared a video from Mecca in which she was seen crying while accusing Adil Khan Durrani of false allegations and defamation.

Known for her fearless and candid style, Rakhi Sawant often dives headfirst into situations without much reservation. These days Rakhi Sawant has once again come into the discussion about her husband.

Adil Durrani has been released from jail and as soon as he came out, he made many serious allegations. During this storm, Rakhi embarked on a spiritual journey of Umrah. She first visited Madina and has now reached Mecca, where she shared videos of herself in emotional distress.

Adding to the complexity of this narrative, even Rakhi Sawant’s once close friend Sherlyn Chopra has now turned against her. Together, they have leveled serious accusations against Rakhi.

However, amidst this backdrop of disputes and quarrels, Rakhi Sawant’s pilgrimage to Mecca has emerged as a surprising turn of events. In Mecca, she was captured on video wearing a burqa, fully concealing her identity.

In a video from Mecca, Rakhi Sawant can be seen crying as she pleads for justice. Standing in front of the Kaaba, she once again accused her husband, Adil Khan, of marrying her with the ulterior motive of gaining stardom in Bollywood.

She passionately expressed how her life had been shattered because of him, and she fervently sought justice from God. In the video, a woman is seen attempting to console her, while Rakhi mentions bringing her plea to Mecca.

In the video, Rakhi passionately declares, “You married me under pretenses, aspiring to become a Bollywood star. Allah, injustice has been done to me. A woman’s life has been destroyed.

Oh God, I have come to you with a complaint, seeking justice.”This emotional video has ignited a range of reactions on social media, with some labeling her as a dramatist.

As she voices her grievances to the public, Rakhi Sawant emphasizes that Adil Khan has ruined her life.

In the viral video from Mecca, she cries and implores, “What should I do? You married me deceitfully to gain popularity. Administer justice to me, Allah. My life has been ruined. Allah, I bring my complaint before you. God, what has happened to me? Dispense justice to me.”

The ongoing feud between Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani continues to capture the public’s attention, leaving many wondering how this tumultuous journey will ultimately unfold.

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