Top US Doctor Confirms Life After Death, As Per Quran and Hadith

Jeffery Long, a radiation oncologist confirmed in conversation with Kelly Burch.
US Doctor Jeffery Long
Photo: The Courier

Speaking to INSIDER’s Kelly Burch, Jeffery Long, a radiation oncologist in Kentucky, USA, confirms the existence of life after death, which has long been proven in the Quran and Hadith.


In Islamic tradition, the Quran and the Hadith have long asserted the existence of an afterlife, promising punishment for wrongdoers and rewards for the virtuous. Recent research conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Long, a physician specializing in cancer treatment, sheds intriguing light on the concept of life after death, thus connecting scientific research and Islam.

Islamic doctrine unequivocally asserts the existence of an afterlife, as documented in the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. These sacred texts describe both the consequences awaiting wrongdoers after death and the rewards awaiting the righteous.

Dr. Jeffrey Long’s journey into the exploration of life after death began when he stumbled upon accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) in a medical journal. NDEs are episodes in which individuals, often gravely ill or clinically deceased, report sensations of leaving their physical bodies and journeying to a different realm.

Initially skeptical about NDEs, Dr. Long decided to embark on a comprehensive study of these accounts. As he amassed thousands of narratives from individuals who had undergone NDEs, his skepticism began to wane, and he started to entertain the possibility of life after death.

Dr. Long’s research yielded astonishing findings. Nearly half of the individuals who had experienced NDEs reported sensations of leaving their physical bodies, at times hovering above them. Even more remarkably, they could recount events occurring around them during their NDEs, including details they could not have known but were subsequently verified as accurate.

Accounts of NDEs often included descriptions of traversing luminous tunnels and encounters with departed loved ones. These individuals described an overwhelming sense of love and tranquility, akin to the paradisiacal depiction of the afterlife in Islamic teachings.

Dr. Jeffrey Long’s groundbreaking research underscores the compatibility of science and spirituality. Employing rigorous scientific methodology, his findings lend credence to the notion of life after death as articulated in Islam. This convergence of scientific inquiry and faith offers hope and reinforces the belief that there may be more to anticipate after our earthly existence draws to a close.

In conclusion, Dr. Long’s work emphasizes the potential harmony between scientific exploration and religious convictions, presenting a promising avenue for those pondering the mysteries that await us in the hereafter.

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