5 Reasons Why You Should Start Praying From Today

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Praying From Today

Praying in Islam is very important and mandatory. And Salah is one of the things which is not just good for us in this World, but also for the afterlife.

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We have noticed that many people usually skip Salah without any reason. Today, we at The Islamic Information tell you the five major reasons why you should start praying Salah today;

1. Own Peace of Mind

When one prays he or she feels satisfied that Allah is happy. Islam highly emphasizes Praying that even if you are ill, you can not miss a prayer. Salah has many scientific benefits, which is equal to doing Yoga, which meditates your body and makes you feel calm.

2. Allah’s Happiness

Allah says in the Quran, “I’m near” and “Respond to me I will respond to you”. Praying is one of the things which are very dear to Allah SWT, When one prayers, Allah gets very happy to see that his creation is worshipping him and asking for his mercy.

3. Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH

Offering Salah is also a Sunnah of our Beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Some narrations state that even when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had fever he still used to go to the mosque to offer Salah. So we have to revive this sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

4. Good for Afterlife

Did you offer Salah ?” this is the first question that will be asked on judgment day by Allah. Praying holds so much importance that when we stand in front of Allah on the last day, he will ask about the Salahs we missed and the Salah we have offered.

5. Solutions to All Problems

Problems such as Stress, Depression, and Sadness are the major things that lead one person to do haram things such as Masturbation, etc. When one offers Salah, these problems automatically vanish because Salah gives you peace as I talked about above, it makes your mind clear, furthermore, you can talk to Allah and seek his mercy and can also get the solution of your problems.

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