This Is What Islam Says About Doing Job At A Bank

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Bank Job is one of the most discussed topic in the Islamic context. We recently discussed the Car Insurance as per islamic views, and today we will talk about the Bank Job.

Islam is based on purity and purity comes from halal. Islam said if you earn halal you will never dissatisfied with your life. But the thing how to earn halal if you work on a bank? Is bank job halal or haram? So okay let’s discuss about it. 

So as we know that there are two types of banking conventional banking and Islamic banking. In the whole world most conventional banks are working. Islamic banking  just exist  in Muslim countries. But here we will not discuss about non-Muslim.

Conventional banking is based on interest. They just share profit with their clients. They have different rules and regulations as compared to the Islamic banks. So when you do job in conventional bank then your task will be  writing of interest, managing of interest amount, deliver the interest amount, and then you get salary with interest. Many people justify this job by saying that they receive the salaries of their hard work and dedication that’s why these wages can’t be considered as interest but all these people forget that Allah says:

Any person who write, manage the interest is also considered to be in haram thing. 

So think about it you did all things in a bank then how your would be halal or you would earn halal? 

So now if we talk about the Islamic banking. They work on non interest basis. They work on profit and loss sharing basis. If they suffer loss then they distribute it among all and same in case of profit. They are totally interest free so if you work on Islamic bank then your job would be halal and you will earn halal salary. All Muslim should try to work with Islamic banks because bank system is also very important for country’s economy. 

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