8 Important Lessons to Learn from Jesus (PBUH) For All Muslims

Lessons to Learn from Jesus PBUH

Isa ibn Maryam also known as Jesus is a Prophet and the Messenger of Allah. Who was sent to guide the people of Israel with Holy Book Injil.

1. Stand Against Tyranny

Prophet Esa (AS) Jesus while addressing his people said;

Quran 19 32 quran jesus

Every Muslim need to believe in Prophet Isa (AS) just like they believe in Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

2. Giving Charity and Praying Daily

Alongside preaching the oneness of Allah, Jesus (AS) also preached to Muslims to give Charity, help the poor, and praying daily. The message was made clear when Prophet Isa (AS) said this while talking to his people;

prophet isa in quran

3. All Prophets in Islam are Pre-Selected

While speaking to the people when Prophet Esa (AS) was in the cradle, the Quran states;

quran 19 29

Allah has only selected a few numbered people to crown them with prophethood.

4. For Allah, Nothing is Impossible

The birth of Prophet Isa (AS) is the biggest lesson itself for the Muslims and the world. For Allah, everything is possible. As Prophet Esa (AS) Jesus was born without a Father, making it one of the biggest miracles in the world. The Quran records Maryam (AS) also known as Mother Mary when Gabriel (AS) came to her to inform her about the birth of Jesus (AS);

quran maryam birth jesus

It makes it clear that the birth of Jesus (AS) without a father was the will of Allah.

5. Being Knowledgable

He focused more on gaining knowledge as a person would learn more, which leads to change in his life and action. Prophet Esa (AS) knew the scriptures and knowledge, which gave him immense power to stand against tyranny.

6. Your Mother is the Most Important Part of your Life

He emphasized looking after the Mother and during his lifetime he was the most dutiful towards his mother. He said there is no sacred relationship other than the relationship with your mother. And have also said that the relationship with your mother is the easiest way to Paradise.

7. Always speak truth

His (AS) life is all about the truth and nothing but the truth. Less number of followers does not mean you won’t be succeeded, be with the truth and you will be among the right ones.

8. Following the Straight Path

He also advised his people not to take the wrong route for success. He said to be right, speak the truth and be dutiful to Allah (SWT) which is the right way.

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