8 Major Hadiths About Mahdi (AS) That All Muslims Should Know

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Mahdi (AS) also known as “The Guided One” is a redeemer of Islam who will appear before the Day of Judgement and will help Muslims get rid of Evil. Here are the 8 major hadiths about Mahdi (AS).

1. Mahdi (AS) will be from the family of the Holy Prophet PBUH

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (1)

2. He will appear to spread equality and Justice, eliminate oppression and tyranny

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (2)

3. Mahdi (AS) will appear before the Day of Judgement

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (3)

4. Mahdi (AS) will appear within a single night

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (5)

5. He will be a descendant of Fatima (RA)

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (5)

6. He will be from the house of Prophet Muhammad (Ahlul Bayt)

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (6)

7. A big army will come to attack him and he will be swallowed into the ground

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (7)

8. Jesus will pray behind Mahdi (AS)

Imam Mahdi Hadiths (8)

Want to know more about him?

All About Mahdi (AS): We have written a complete details about him.

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