Grand Mufti Of Libya Calls For Hajj and Umrah Boycott

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Grand Mufti Of Libya, Sadiq Al-Ghariani issued a Fatwa on air to call for boycott hajj and umrah to protest against the Yemen War.

Libya’s Grand Mufti further said that the Muslims who pay money for their Hajj and Umrahs goes to the Saudi rulers who later use the same money to kill Muslim brothers and sisters, Morocco news reported.

Sadiq Al Ghariani has called out to Muslims that who are planning to perform second Umrah or Hajj towards Makkah should not do it. He said it publically on a Libyan TV channel Ean Libya.

He further said that people who are performing Umrah and Hajj for the second time are committing sin as they are contributing money to fund the Saudi rulers who are starting war with Muslim brother hoods.

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Grand Mufti Of Libya further added, “The money you give to Saudi rulers they start Muslim massacre in Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, and Tunisia.”

Sadiq Al Ghariani criticized Saudi Arabia by saying that there is no place in the world where they have not started a chaos.

He also claims the responsibility of saying these words before God and say this Fatwa is valid.

What do you think about this fatwa? Let the world know about your views in the comment box below.

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allan w massey

its true

Musfaza Hosein

I am pleased to know that there are Muslims in the world that share my view of Saudi Arabia and their warped view of Islam. The Fatwa by the Grand Mufti should be supported throughout the world. It is the only way that the bogus King and his criminal son will understand what the world umma feel about the direction they are going. The money they spend on wars should be used to improve the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world. They should be the world peacemakers if they understand the true teachings of Islam. No Muslim… Read more »

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