8 Foods To Eat In Suhoor To Feel Less Hungry or Thirsty During Fasting

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These are the 8 foods to eat in Suhoor (Sehri) to have a good fasting day where you never feed hungry throughout the day.

As most of us have got Offices, Housework and other choruses to do during the month of Ramadan, eating good meals is the best way to gain the energy to do all the work while fasting. We have sorted out 8 essential Foods to eat in suhoor (Sehri) that you must try;

1. Avocados

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Avocado is a textured vegetable that adds flavor to every dish. It is also famous among the diet conscious people who are willing to avoid fat intake from their meals. Avocado is also beneficial for decreasing blood sugar spikes.

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2. Eggs

eating eggs foods to eat in suhoor sehri
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An egg is a highly nutritious food item and rich in protein. It can keep a person full throughout the whole day. Its variety of dishes are present to give a try.

3. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter
Pille-Riin Priske

The peanut butter is famous as the lunch item for kids. Undoubtedly, this creamy product is also full of protein and is very helpful to pass the whole day without feeling hungry. It preserves a healthy oil in it that is helpful for losing fats as well as best to control diabetes.

4. Fava Beans

Fava Beans
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In the Arabs, Fava Beans are famous with the name “Foul”. They are available as a portion of canned food in many of the supermarkets all around the world.

5. Bran Muffins

Bran Muffins
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Bran is well-known because of its versatile grain quality. A healthy diet is incomplete without having Bran included in it. Bran keeps a person active. If used in the form of a muffin, bran would appear more tasty and helpful.

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6. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Foods To Eat In Suhoor
Amanda Congiu

Yogurt is famous for decreasing the thirst levels in the days of fasting. It also possesses probiotics qualities in it. The greek yogurt contains a higher level of protein than the regular yogurt.

7. Quinoa

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This healthy edible item comes gluten-free. Quinoa consists of a lot of significant amino acids. The fact that it is popular as a healthy food item is due to its pure organic growth process.

8. Salmon (Smoked)

Micheile Henderson

It maintains omega-3 fatty acids among its rest benefits. These types of fatty acids are the ones that our body isn’t able to develop themselves. This quality of Salmon is also significant for the brain to function properly and to stay healthy.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

These 8 foods are OK for those who can afford them. There are many Muslims who eat just a little of whatever is available and observe fast.

The main objective of Fasting is to control the Nafs of eating. We must eat very little and observe the Fast with our Eemaan and Taqwah.

In fact, we Muslims must actually reduce weight during Ramadaan. Instead, many of us are increasing in weight, though we eat only twice a day.

Time for reflection and reform.

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