The Flower That Glows When Azaan Starts, SubhanAllah!

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This flower opens up when Azaan (Call to Prayer) starts, the beauty of nature is astonishing Muslims all around the world.

Such things refresh our Imaan, it is indeed a worth having to look at. There are many people who made videos of this flower seen glowing with the Azaan, have a look at it yourself.

Indeed it worth looking at, these videos are being shared a number of times all around the world, all over social media.

The number of people who were getting surprized by seeing this, have also sent these videos to a leading news channel CNN. CNN also did a feature on this, and aware people about this miracle of Allah SWT.

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Not just Muslims, but also Non-Muslims are so surprised to see this happening, a number of shares have been done by people belonging to a different faith, praising how nature is connected to Azaan.

Have a look at the documentary CNN made on this;

This can be found in Azerbaijan, and people there keep these flowers in their homes to see this beautiful view when every time the muazzin calls for Azaan.

According to the Botanist in Azerbaijan, these flowers and the plants can be found in different shapes and colors. And each and every plant is special in their own ways.

CNN reporter was also astonished to see this happening in front of him, he also praised the connection of Religion and Science and called it a perfect combination. These things really remind every believer that Allah has a lot of miracles yet to show.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Maasha Allah.

” Fata Baarak Allahu Ahsanul Khaaliqeen – Glory be to Allah, The Best to Create.”

Al Qur’an Surah 23 Mu’minun Ayat 14


What is the flower called?

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