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There Is No Such Thing As Feminism In Islam

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Now a days there are many feminists led protests are going on in many parts of the world, including Muslim countries as well. Demanding Feminism and their rights to be given.

But if we see this from the Islamic perspective then there is no such thing as feminism in Islamic religion. Because Islam is more focused on the realistic vision.

Islam believes that there are something which Women can do but Men can’t and some things which can be done by Men but Women can’t do. Let’s take an example, It’s the men who earn and feed his children, but this thing can or can not be done more efficiently than men.

And it is in Quran that Men are the protectors of Women. While, on the other side, Women play important role in this world, as they do nurturing of the kids and cooking and other household stuff to make house running, which can never be done by a men, mostly men end up screwing up the kitchen if their wives lives them in house for just a day.

Allah has made Men and Women both, giving both Men and Women different capabilities, and there is no comparison of these capabilities.

But what feminism wants that Women can do everything, including all kind of explicit thing, the idea of Feminism is less about women empowerment but more about FREEDOM, which is rather unacceptable in many ways. If you talk about women rights, which Islam believes that Women Rights should be given to them and women should never be oppressed just because of her gender, while on other hand teaches men to respect women and talk to them softly.

And also teaches that men and women should respect each other rather than bashing each other’s gender just because one believes inFeminism is not acceptable.

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