Dua For Studying: For Exams, Memory, Success and Knowledge

Dua For Studying Exams Memory Success Knowledge

Studying or seeking knowledge is one of the things that is often mentioned in the Holy Quran.

One of them is in Surah Al Mujadila in verse 11, which says that when Muslims make a room in gatherings, Allah will make room for them in His grace, and they will be gifted with knowledge in rank.

In addition to the Quran, Rasulullah SAW often mentions the importance of a Muslim in studying or seeking knowledge. In a hadith narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and others, the Messenger of Allah said, a Muslim will be an inch closer to heaven if he seeks knowledge.

Dua for Studying

Dua For Studying

In addition to getting heaven and being exalted in rank, a Muslim also gets other virtues if he wants to continue seeking helpful knowledge. As mentioned in a hadith narrated by Tirmidhi, a Muslim is on the path of truth that is pleased by Allah SWT when he studies until he is finished and returns to his residence.

Because of the importance of studying Islam, an authentic hadith seeking knowledge is even referred to as an obligation for a Muslim. And everything on earth will ask forgiveness for the seeker of knowledge; even the fish, the in the sea, will ask for his forgiveness.

Trying to get useful knowledge can be one of the practices that will not be interrupted even if the person concerned has died.

Therefore, before and after studying is a positive activity as it brings many benefits. As Muslims, we are encouraged to recite dua for studying in the hope that Allah will bless us and that the knowledge gained will always be a blessing.

Reading the dua for studying can make people who recite it feel calm before starting learning. Dua is also hope, goal, desire, and target to be achieved. When Muslims pray, they certainly want all their hopes and wishes to be granted by Allah.

By reciting dua before and after studying, we can more easily receive lessons and gain knowledge and blessings from the learning process.

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