Dua For Exam – For Success and Memory

dua for exam for sucess

The exam is a thrilling moment for students, from elementary school to high school and even college.

Students have the opportunity to prove their hard work and academic abilities through exams.

Students made various efforts to face exams. They start from repeating and memorizing subject matter to strengthening mentally to prepare for the exam.

In addition to preparing physically and mentally before facing exams, as Muslims, we are also encouraged to ask Allah SWT by reciting dua to make it easier for us to carry out any activity, including answering exam questions.

Dua for Exam

Dua For Exam

TItis hoped Allah SWT would provide fluency and convenience when working on exam questions. Through dua Dua before the exam is also expected to make our hearts calm, confident, and resigned to all the efforts and endeavors that have been made.

It is explained in the Holy Quran that Allah SWT calls humanity to pray to Him because He will surely grant what we ask for. On the other hand, if we are arrogant by not involving the Almighty in our affairs, we are the group of people who pride themselves on worshiping Him and will be humiliated on the last day.

Praying for convenience and good results can be done a few days before the exam time, at night right before the exam, or just before starting the exam.

However, one does not necessarily pray. To achieve the desired result. In addition to trying and praying, we are also encouraged to be Tawakkul.

The true meaning of tawakkul is to do whatever we can and then leave the rest to Allah. By tawakkul, we put complete trust and reliance in Allah because only He is the one who has the right to regulate every way of life.

Of course, here, humans can put reasonable expectations from the efforts that have been made before.

A person who surrenders to Allah after trying his best and as best he can be guaranteed by Allah to be given an easy way during life in this world and the hereafter.

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