Best Dua For Bone Pain and Other Bones Problem for Relief

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Pain in bones or weak bones can be very exhausting, it comes with sometimes unbearable pain. Sometimes, without any reason. We have a special dua for bone problems Quran for it.

We know when people get older, it becomes tough for them to pray, sit or even stand up for a longer period due to pain in their bones. But, there are some individuals who have severe pain in their bones without any reason like some deficiency or due to some reasons such as arthritis.

But indeed the Quran has the answer to all your problems. Allah has described each and everything in the Holy Quran. We at The Islamic Information we try our best to recommend duas from the Holy Quran or Hadiths of our Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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This dua was recited by Prophet Zakariya (AS) which is mentioned in the Surah Maryam, as Prophet Zakariya (AS) was reaching the old age and his bones had started to go weak. After it becomes unbearable for him, so he recited this dua to seek Allah (SWT)’s help.

Dua For Bone Pain and other Problems

Dua For Bone Pain Problem

You can recite it any time you want, but praying it after every Salah would be perfect. But it is to make sure that whenever you recite it, recite it with your heart and pray from Allah SWT that this recitation brings relief for your bones.

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Note: It is advised to visit the doctor if you have any sort of bone problem. It should be your first priority to visit the doctor then recite this dua to get shifa from your treatment.

Share this with anyone having bones problem. And if one of your elders or parents are suffering from it, then you can also recite it for them if they’re unable to recite it.

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