The Day Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) Cried A lot – Emotional Story!

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Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) Cried a lot on this day. This video shared the times when Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) sat and sobbed for a long time. This is one of the most emotional events ever occurred in his life.

Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) is the role model to all the Muslims, even non-Muslims would even write and speak positively about him. Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) had faced a lot of difficulties in life, his life is still and will be forever an epitome of perfection.

In this video, you will listen to the event which made Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) cry a lot. This was the time when he visited the grave of his mother after a long time. It was the time when Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) could not stop but cried in the remembrance of his mother who Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) had lost when he was just a kid.

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When Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) was on his way he found his mother grave.

Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) cried and he cried a lot that he started sobbing!

You must have heard that Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) cried in Salah and cried while making dua for his Ummah. But this is something when Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) cried in the remembrance of his mother. The video will tell the most emotional incident which made Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) cry for so long, an emotional video which will bring the tears to your eyes.

Mother is something which is very dear to everyone, even if you’re a real-life villain you’d still be very kind to your mother no matter what. Allah has made Mothers beautiful as well as put the Paradise under her feet. But do not forget the Allah loves his person more than 70 Mothers!

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  • 5.4K

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