China Making Tasbeeh With Pig Bones and Selling All Around The World

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Did you know Chinese have been making Tasbeeh With Pig Bones which were later sold all around the world without any knowledge.

Muslims throughout the world use a thread having collection of beads known as “Tasbeeh”. It keeps the count of their zikar or dikhr.

It is present in every Muslim household as praying on it is important. It is being sold widely in all the Muslim markets and countries having Muslim communities.

Due to this fact Muslims purchase them instantly without any thoughts concerning the manufacturing of the Tasbeeh. But recently, a video appeared which focused on the shocking method of creation of the beads opted in China which shows making of Tasbeeh With Pig Bones.

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We cannot question the smartness of Chinese they use in their business. For the production of Tasbeehs, they focused on Saudi Arabia, one of the huge markets and other Muslim countries.

Every Muslim when travels to visit Makkah and Madina, they always purchase Tasbeehs and other souvenirs from there for their family or friends. As China sells them on a wholesale price to Saudi Arabia, it reduces the purchase cost and increases its demand further.

yellow tasbeeh
Image by OranFire Blade

China is famous in terms of creating everything in a cheap price with guaranteeing the quality. They didn’t aim to harm Muslims through their idea. They actually create products for whole world and for all the religions by just aiming towards “the profit”.

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Sadly, Millions of Muslims buy Tasbeeh when they travel for Hajj or Umrah. Also, a lot of Muslims believe in high importance of the items present in Saudi Arabia. Thus, they definitely purchase there to have supplications within their Hajj.

Therefore, these haram beads are being sold in bulk. No method has yet been confirmed to identify the elements involved in making of the beads, as it isn’t convenient for the public. The only way is that Saudi Arabia should validate these materials and if, it preserves any prohibited element according to Islam, the production from China should be stopped.

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Is it really necessary to buy tasbeeh? We can zikr on our fingers too and those parts (we used to do zikr/dhikr) can become witness on the day of judgment for us. We will not take Tasbeeh in grave so stop buying them.


Tasbeehs are made in many Muslim countries. Would it not be better if Saudi bought tasbeehs, prayer mat, pray hats etc from poorer Muslim nations helping their economies and also preventing haram items being sold in our holy lands.

Mariam Goolam Hossen

You are absolutely right

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