Why is Pharaoh’s body so preserved? Answer from Quran

Why is Pharaohs body so preserved

One of the big questions since the discovery of Pharaoh’s body in his tomb “Pharaoh Ramses II” in 1975 is how his body remained intact while he died more than 3000 years ago in the era of Prophet Moses (PBUH)?

One of the people who also asked the same question was the famous researcher from France, Dr Maurice Bucaille. In 2010, the Pharaoh’s body was sent to France for further study. After doing research for many hours on the Pharaoh’s body, Dr Maurice concluded that the remains of the salt stuck in his body were clear evidence that he died in the sea.

Dr Maurice was so shocked to learn that the Muslims’ Quran mentioned that he drowned the sea more than 1400 years ago and that his body remained intact even after he drowned.

He was so surprised about how the Holy Quran knows Pharaoh died in the sea and that his body remained intact after he was drowning in the sea while the Christian Gospels (Matthew and Luca) narrated only the story of Pharaoh was chasing Prophet Musa (PBUH) and don’t even speak about Pharaoh’s drowning in the sea nor the preservation his body at all. After learning the fact that the Quran clearly narrated the fate of the Pharaoh, Dr Maurice Bucaille then firmly converted to Islam.

The intact of the Pharaoh’s body even after he was drowned in the sea and died thousands of years ago that we are able to see today is of course a form of the greatness of Allah Almighty as mentioned in Surah Yunus [10: 90-92] which Allah says “Today we will preserve your ( Pharaoh) body so you can be a sign for the people who come after you. But most of the people of our signs are headless”.

It is amazing that the Quran knows it will be preserved, and one day in the future, his body will appear as a reminder for us always to have faith and not be unaware of the signs of His power.

Now the body of the Pharaoh is preserved in the museum known as the Royal Mummies of Egypt in the city of Cairo, Egypt.

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