Watch How Muhammad Iqbal’s Poetry Converted A Researcher To Islam

Watch How Muhammad Iqbal's Poetry Converted A Researcher To Islam
Photo: RadioPakistan

Muhammad Iqbal was one of the eminent poets in British India (Now Pakistan and India). His writing was so powerful that it converted people to Islam.

He was born on November 9th, 1877 and passed away 21st of April 1938. He was a poet, philosopher, scholar, and philanthropist. He was the most famous Urdu and Persian poet. People knowing Urdu and Persian are well aware of his name. After passing so many years, people still idolize him as a genius. He was also labeled as the Peot of Pakistan. He wrote several books, these books are the collection of his poetry, and hat poetry still moving the minds of many intellectuals all around the world.

In Pakistan, he is considered as the person who dreamed about Pakistan. He was the first person who stood for the minority of Muslims living in British India to have their own separate state where they can practice the Islam religion freely. Adding more to your knowledge, at that time, Muslims living in India had no status, they are mostly repressed and had given no freedom to practice Islam. People belonging to other religion would stop them and does not let them prosper in any field.

Have a look at how Muhammad Iqbal’s poetry did it wonder by converting a researcher to the religion of truth, Islam!

I know you must be amazed at watching this video. We often learn and study Albert Einstein and Newton, but it is similarly important for us to study these eminent people from our culture as well, and spread their words just like we are spreading the words of Rumi all around the world.

Share this story within your circle to create awareness that Muslims can do wonders and a real Muslim will always be generous, kindhearted and a faithful person.

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