3 Major Signs of Qiyamah That We Are Yet To See

3 Major Signs of Qiyamah That We Are Yet To See

Qiyamah is the day that all of the Muslims believe. There are many signs of Judgement day we have witnessed and many happened last year, and many qiyamah signs we are yet to witness. We at The Islamic Information, bring you the signs we will still have to witness.

1. World war III

The Prophet (SAWW) said that ‘Armageddon’, i.e., the battle before the day of judgment, when Jerusalem will be flourishing with booming cities and when the center stage will be reached, at the same time, Madinah will face the state of misery – with no activity in both Islamic and worldly affairs. Madinah will be a forgotten city.

At that time, a huge nuclear war, called Malhama will happen. Malhama has been described in several hadiths and this will be a war that is so destructible that World Wars I and II will appear like peanuts. This war will take place in several states.

2. The conquest of Turkey

Only after this war, as the hadith continues, there will be the defeat of the Constantinople, the largest capital of Turkey.

3. The arrival of the false messiah

The hadith concludes by announcing the arrival of the greatest enemy of the Ummah, the liar, and deceiver, Al-Dajjal. He was released at the time of the Prophet (saw) but he is invisible as he is not in our world of space and time.

When the time comes, he will come as a Jew, a well-built young man with curly hair, and will call himself as the Messiah. And Imam Mahdi will defeat him.

When the Prophet (saw) said is it that all of these events occur in a space of 7 months. If the conquest of Constantinople was 1453 then, 7 months later he should have already appeared! How can Muslims conquer a Muslim-city? The answer is not those who live in the city but those in control of power. Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) which is the military arm of the Zionists, wars on behalf of the state of Israel.

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