Ali (RA) Taught Us These 7 Cures For Depression Almost 1500 Years Ago

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Depression is a disease, which eats up a person in a very short span of time, today we will address the cures of depression as taught by Ali (RA).

Depression is a mental illness which keeps you into a sad mood, sometimes there is a reason for this depression such as Heartbreak or lost of someone but most of the time, there is no reason for depression at all!

It doesn’t just destroy your whole day, but it destroys your health to a great instinct! We need to address the cures of depression in the Islamic context, Ali (RA) taught us these 7 cures that can help us fight this mental illness.

1. Put cold water over your head

In short, take a bath, if you are suffering for it taking a bath can help it cure. Ali (RA) stated;

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imam ali wash head hadith

2. Clean yourself

Washing your clothes, wearing up the perfume. and making Wudu.

imam ali washing clothes hadith

3. Remembering Allah When you’re in depression

Always pray whenever you feel depressed, especially say these verses from Surah al Kahf, Quran (18:39)


4. Eating Grapes

It is mentioned in many traditions linked to Ali (RA) that eating grapes can help in releasing a greater amount of stress from the mind.

5. Live to your own Lifestyle

In this world, everyone is becoming materialistic, and materialism is linked to sadness. We often work hard to get the most expensive things! and when we can not get them, it ends up making us feel depressed. Ali (RA) stated in Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol 76;

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imam ali bihar al anwar vol 76

6. Say not to Jealousy!

Do not get jealous of someone, or something. Just because he has it doesn’t mean you would want to have to too. Allah has chosen the best for us, instead of being jealous, it’s better to focus on what you have!

bihar al anwar english

7. Stay Happy and Thankful to Allah for what you have!

Do not backbite, do not waste time in finding out the worst from the people. It’s better to look after oneself as well as be thankful to Allah for giving you chance to repent.

bihar al anwar online

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