Best Advice By Beloved Luqman To His Son As Described In Quran

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Luqman was not a prophet but was a very wise man. He taught things which are very important for all of us to know.

bringing up kid is always been difficult for the parents as a young age is very ideal for a Kid to learn new life experience.

Hazrat Luqman gave some precious pieces of advice to his son, Allah liked advice so much that he added it in the Quran.

Here are the ten advice was given by Luqman to his son as described in Quran;

1. What is right, What is wrong

luqman quran

Stand with the people on the path of Allah, and do not stand with the people who deviate you from the righteous path of Allah.

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2. Be Patient

luqman hakim dalam al quran

Be patient as Allah must have decided something much better for you.

3. Be humble

luqman al quran

Do not ignore people just because they are less privileged than you.

4. Be a human!

surah luqman quran

Do not be arrogant on earth, surely, Allah hates the arrogant ones.

5. Walk Humbly luqman

Do not walk with pride even if you are the most powerful person on the planet earth.

6. Lower your voice

Lowering voice is a sign of being respectful to other people and you only shout while fighting with someone.

7. Pray

One should pray 5 times and with all of his attention.

8. Know it all

The meaning of this can be interpreted in many ways, but the basic meaning of this is that a small thing you can get you Jannah.

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9. Be faithful to Allah

This means that one should always be thankful to Allah for all the blessings he has showered on you.

10. Allah is the one and a True God

Indeed Allah is one and only God who we worship. He made it clear that you can not pray or ask for help any other than but Allah solely.

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