3 Mosques In Germany Attacked In Just 2 Days, Mob Set Quran on Fire

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3 Mosques in Germany attacked by Anti-Islam mob, which made racist graffitis as well as set Quran on fire starting a new row of Islamophobia, reported by Anadolu Agency.

Local leaders say racist graffiti and Qur’an were set on fire during attacks on German mosques.

Cologne: Local Turkish Muslim community leaders said on Tuesday that three mosques in Germany had been attacked in the past two days.

At the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Kamen, North Rhine-Westphalia, a right-wing group made hate graffiti on the walls of the mosque, such as “GET LOST!” said Mustafa Kose, a senior Kamen official of the Turkish-Islamic and Islamic Affairs Alliance. (DITIB).

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In the city of Hesse in central Germany, Vandals threw stones at the Kassel Central Mosque.

Finally, a sacred Qur’an was burned down in a mosque in Bremen, northwestern Germany.

“Our congregation and religious officials are worried that they are considering locking Down the main gates of their mosques during salah time,”

Goss said.

He said the police are investigating these attacks and told that the Anti-Muslim mob will be arrested as soon as possible.

These attacks happening in Islamophobia’s more political power in Europe and deadly attacks on mosques in Western countries, including the New Zealand attack in March this year, which took the lives of 51 innocent Muslims.

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