18 Year Old Disabled Boy Teaches Himself The Entire Quran (Video)

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Strive hard and you may succeed! An 18 year old disabled boy, who belongs to Skardu, Pakistan learned the Holy Qur’an without any assistance.

The amazing point here is that he didn’t let his medical condition to become an excuse in his way. Liaquat is now a self-taught, handicapped Qur’an teacher.

Not only this, but Liaquat also learned the English language without any teacher. He further stated to Pamir Times that he wishes to study further but being disabled, he is unable to do so. He is self-taught to the extent that now, he is fluent in both; Urdu and English, along with his native language. 

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The most amazing part is his knowledge of the Qur’an

He further shared that he started learning from Qaeda. And then he moved towards the Holy Qur’an on his own and learned himself.

Liaquat, 18 year old diasbled boy now also teaches Quran to neighborhood kids.

He is not only self-learned but now he is a teacher as well and teaches Qur’an to the kids of his locality. Being a self-learner, the teenager now appeals to the Government to assist him in the continuation of his studies. 

He added that help him to get enrolled in an institution and corporate with him. After these possibilities, he would be able to work on his medical condition and will achieve his goals.

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He might have taken a lot of courage to request this appeal as he used to hide it even from his parents. He further shared that he never demanded from his parents to assist him with his dreams being handicapped. He never requested them to take him to school.

He wasn’t hesitant concerning how he would be treated as the locals are very kind to him and never mistreated him. Yet, the unavailability of facilities that may assist a handicapped person on living a normal life does add up to his insecurity.

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