Zayn Malik Admits That He Is No Longer A Muslim

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British-Pakistani artist Zayn Malik in an talk with  British Vogue lately admits that he doesn’t believe that he is a Muslim anymore. Previously, the Zayn talked about his pictures with partner Gigi Hadid appeared as they celebrated Eid ul Fitr together with his household, which his massive fan following took in warm feelings.

During the talk, Zayn Malik, when inquired about his Islamic views said, “To be truthful, I’ve never spoken publicly, not even once about what my religious opinions are. I’m not declared to be a Muslim.”

“Would he call a Muslim now?” the questioner requested.

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Zayn said: “No, I wouldn’t.”

The response over Zayn Malik’s declarations about his Islamic opinions are varied. Some fans are in an utter shudder and some say that they saw it approaching. The tremor came because Zayn Malik’s father is a Pakistani Muslim and seemingly, related to a Muslim household.


Enlightening facts about his association with One Direction band-people, the 25-year-old vocalist, additional believed that he hasn’t communicated to any of his ex-band associates ever since he was gone. Conferring to him, some ‘Sarcastic things’ were whispered by his band pals after his leave-taking. Zayn left the band first in 2015, rest of the affiliates took the break after one year.

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